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The sooner, the safer

ISR is designed to teach very young children to roll over in the water, float, and breathe until help arrives.

ISR is special because instructors take an experiential approach. We create child-led lessons based on developmental best practice. 



Why choose ISR?

ISR teaches swimming and floating exactly how children learn. What we do is not traditional swim lessons. We use the behavioral sciences: sensorimotor learning, schedules of reinforcement, positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, one-on-one student lead lessons for your child. This truly is what sets us apart from other swim lessons. Each lesson is tailored to your child's ability and skill level every day.​

What are your qualifications?

Each certified ISR instructor completes a rigorous, 8-week in-water and academic training course and participates in a highly specialized annual recertification to maintain the highest level of safety and caliber of instruction.

Will my child learn to swim?

Our program does focus on survival swim, but children who can walk (generally one year of age and older) will learn to swim during lessons!

Why are lessons only 10 minutes?

The lessons are 10 minutes long to support the principles of sensorimotor learning and to reduce physical fatigue. Imagine running for 10 minutes in a row when you have never done it before.

Why are lessons 5 days a week for 6–8 weeks?

Research shows that short, more frequent lessons result in higher retention. Most children have fairly short attention spans and will not be able to focus on the task for longer and we want to take advantage of the best time for learning. Consistency is the key to the success of your child during lessons.

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